Fat Is Not The Enemy


"Fat is not the enemy." If you haven't been aware of all that has been changing in the world of modern thinking on nutrition you may be shocked and probably frustrated upon hearing that. In several new diet books, the authors explain how we were mislead into thinking eating Low Fat was the answer to good health when just the opposite is true. In addition, these authors also explain why Calories In-Calories Out is not a valid guide for weight loss.

Dr. Mark Hyman's new book,  Eat Fat Get Thin offers an excellent explanation of how this thinking came to be and how it has been disproven. He has broken the book into four parts. Part 1 is titled, How Did We Get Into This Big Fat Mess? Part 2 is about Separating Fat From Fiction. Part 3 is the Eat Fat Get Thin Plan and Part 4 is titled Eat Fat Get Thin Cooking and Recipes. 

With a touch of humor Dr. Hyman explains how for example; Eating Fat Does Not Make You Fat,  the Surprising Truth About Fat and Heart Disease and for Bonus Benefits - Fat Makes You Smart, Sexy and Happy. Each chapter is carefully footnoted should you want to verify his statements for future discussions with the uninformed...

The Diet Plan in the book is very interesting. It takes an in-depth approach as to what to eat and what to avoid, Even better it stresses that There Is No One Right Diet for Everyone. Even though you may be eager to begin, Dr. Hyman encourages preliminary blood work to test various health markers. He also gives information on how to talk to your Doctor, what tests to ask for and what the results may mean. Of course he offers guides for preparing for the diet, like cleaning out the pantry and stocking up on the groceries needed ahead of time. He also addresses other aspects of successful dieting like exercise and stress relief and just having fun. With all that in mind, he explains that the first 21 days of his plan can be thought of as a  test to see how you respond to a High Fat, Moderate Protein, Healthy Low Carb Diet.  He notes that more, or less fat, and/or, healthy carbs may be called for based on how you feel. Another aspect of the plan is the list of supplements, Dr. Hyman encourages.

These are intended to help your body burn calories more efficiently, regulate appetite, cool inflammation, optimize gut-flora and help your cells become more insulin-sensitive. His explanations of how these supplements are helpful  makes sense and while you can purchase them from his online store, you may also purchase them from any reliable source, Questionnaires are included with the plan to keep you on track. There is also the option of joining an online support group which many find very helpful. Just about every issues is addressed. Of course there is a recipe section. If you are one of those folks who likes to read books  from front to back, this part may be all you need to sign on... There are Smoothies, lots of Egg options and a recipe for Almond Pancakes with Berries that is very good. Lemon-Dill Shrimp and Avocado Salad sound pretty tempting too, as does, Five-Spiced, Seared Salmon with Sautéed Sesame Cabbage. There are also recipes for Soups, Stews and Sauces not to be missed.

All in all, Eat Fat Get Thin offers a very comprehensive program. Even though it is considered a "Diet Book" Dr. Hyman is all about promoting optimum good health, something we are also all about at Healthy Starts Today.

Sheila Cartelli