A Healthy Start to The New Year


We had an unwelcome guest this holiday season, and like Scrooge encountering Marley’s ghost, I wasn’t really sure he existed. I only saw a shadow and I wasn’t certain I had seen that until I went to get out my Christmas tablecloth. There was some shredded tissue in the draw, which again I tried to ignore in my haste to get the table set. “It must have ripped off when I reached in to get the cloth”, I thought…

Like Scrooge I didn’t want to acknowledge what I was seeing.  Then came an encounter I couldn’t ignore… like the Ghost of Christmas Past, there he was… staring at me. A mouse! He was in the draw under the oven! I thought slamming the draw would scare him away and maybe it did. Cleaning and scouring and sanitizing added to my work. We put out some traps, not easy to find on Christmas Day and I was sure he was gone. Not so. Two more visits occurred which have led to more cleaning, scouring and sanitizing.

Hopefully we are done. Like Scrooge I have I learned much from my ghastly visitors. Mostly I have learned to trust what I see the FIRST TIME. Ignoring reality solves nothing. I have also learned the necessity of getting professional help. A call to the local pest control company seems to have done the trick.

Trust your Instincts… Don’t ignore reality… Get professional help… Hmmm, sounds like good advice for the coming New Year.

Best Wishes for a Happy Healthy New Year for You and Your Family.

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Sheila Cartelli