Cookies, Candles and Crunch Time


Well it’s getting down to crunch time and I’m not talking about all those cookie crumbs left underfoot from last night’s baking extravaganza… Or maybe I am, if you are in charge of making everything perfect for the holidays.

Maintaining all those holiday traditions while keeping up with everything else you have to do means something has to go and for the next few weeks that could be cooking. So, if take-out becomes your only option, look for items that are as healthy as possible. Rotisserie Chicken and Salad-to-Go make for a quick meal. Drive through, while not your best option offers a few healthier possibilities and then there is pizza… Thin crust, with lots of veggies please. Of course, your picky eaters may end up with just the crust, so serving soup with pizza is a better option. (See our last entry). If you can keep HFCS and packaged food to a minimum your family will survive nicely.

Now getting back to keeping holiday traditions alive… Maybe it’s time to think about the origin of those traditions. How did they develop? What was life like when they evolved? Chances are days were a lot less hectic. Maybe back then moms had time to bake dozens of cookies and wrap every gift just so, but that didn’t make them better moms. Stressing yourself to the max won’t make you a better mom either.

Stop. Take some deep breaths and relax. Now think about how you can update your holiday traditions. You might even be able to eliminate a few. You don’t have to do everything. Take a family poll and see what traditions have the most meaning. Something as simple as candles on the table may be what your kids enjoy the most. Look for some creative ways to streamline your traditions and while you’re at it enlist some family support. The holiday tradition that says, “Mom Has To Do It All”, is one tradition that definitely has to go…

What tradition have you been able to streamline?

What is one you can never change?

Share your story and pictures.

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Sheila Cartelli