Cut Sugar and Nourish Your Family with Holiday Sweetness


Yipes, its almost here! The Holiday Season… If you haven’t already downloaded,
The No.1 Way to Upgrade Your Family’s Health please don’t delay.

It doesn’t have to take a holiday miracle for your kids to have fewer meltdowns, and be less cranky this holiday season. As soon as they are eating healthier, meaning less sugar, no HFCS and little processed snack food, you will begin to notice a marked improvement in their behavior. Also as an added bonus you should see a reduction in colds and sore throats, as too much sugar impairs immunity.

Cutting back on sugary drinks and processed foods applies to you too… Replacing holiday lattes and afternoon sweets with refreshing herb teas and healthy protein snacks will keep your energy more constant, ensure better sleep and also help you to keep those holiday pounds at bay.

Of course what we think of as holiday food, those special recipes and traditional dishes, shouldn’t be completely banished. Enjoy those special meals. The togetherness, the sharing, the fun and the laughter are another kind of food for your family.

This Holiday Season, take in the starry night sky and marvel together. Encourage creative gift making. Share the majesty of classical holiday music. Discover the joy of giving to help others… This kind of food, food for the spirit sweetly nourishes your family long after the holiday meals are over...

Sheila Cartelli