Fats, Cut Sugar Cravings!


Fat cravings are common in Fall and Winter. Adding in healthy fats can help us feel more full and also help cut sugar cravings.

However, I never said anything about deep-frying. I was talking about healthy fats used in moderation.

For cooking, use the following information as a guide. Once more let me stress, we are talking about healthy fats used in moderation.

At high temperatures, butter, ghee (clarified butter) and coconut oil work well. They can be used for quick sautéing and also for baking. These healthy fats do not break down under extreme heat.

For sautéing at moderate temperatures, try organic, extra virgin, olive oil. Turn the temperature to medium and heat a small amount of oil just until you begin to smell its aroma. You do not want the oil to ripple, or reach the point of smoking, as this destroys its food value.

Nut and seed oils, such as toasted sesame oil, flax oil, walnut oil, pumpkin seed oil and almond oil are best used unheated. Drizzle them on salads, veggies, or grains just before serving. Never heat flax seed oil, or toasted sesame oil.

When selecting oils, buy the highest quality products you can afford. Look for oils that come in dark bottles, because oxygen, heat and light promote vitamin loss and rancidity. Good words to look for on labels are organic, first-pressed, cold-pressed and unrefined.

Here are some easy Infusion Recipes the kids can prepare. Taste testing their concoctions may well lead them to try and like a wider variety of vegetables.   When preparing the infusions just be sure any herbs used are thoroughly dried to avoid any problems with mold, which would make the oil unusable.

 Oil Infused with Lemon

Carefully wash an organic lemon and peel off just the yellow skin. A vegetable peeler works well for this. Place the peel in a half-liter off olive oil (an easy to find size) and let age 30 days. This oil makes a delicious addition to salads, vegetables, chicken and fish.

Oil Infused with Oregano

Add 1-tablespoon oregano, 1-tablespoon black pepper corns, 1 red chili pepper plus a pinch of salt to a half liter of olive oil. Let age 30 days. This oil is great on pasta, tomatoes and grilled veggies.


Sheila Cartelli