Savor the Healthy Chocolate!


It's time to savor the healthy chocolate now that Valentines Day is fast approaching. However, that means more temptation and another excuse to eat sweets. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s without chocolate so even though you are determined to get your family to eat healthy, you will probably give in to “tradition” feeling guilty as you watch all that chocolate disappear.

Again I am going to say … wait a second!  A little chocolate, specifically about an ounce of dark chocolate, is healthy. Please note the words I am using here, a little chocolate, specifically dark chocolate is healthy.

According to researchers chocolate has numerous health benefits, from heart healthy antioxidants, to mood lifting polyphenols. However there is a catch. The chocolate must be dark and limited to about an ounce per day.

Not worth it?  Not enough! It could be if we were all used to  s l o w l y  s a v o r i n g what we eat.  That’s the good news about food, it is meant to be enjoyed.

The pleasure of eating is something to cultivate and share with your family. Why not experiment with this idea? Chocolate is a great place to start. You can have some family fun and teach the kids this important lesson at the same time. Later you can use the same methods to highlight the pleasure of other foods.

The Great Taste / Pleasure Experiment

1.      Explain the idea of enjoyment and how it relates to food.

2.      Start with easy to find, extra dark Hershey’s kisses…

3.      Have the kids unwrap just one at a time.

3.      Let them smell the chocolate.

4.      Encourage them to let the chocolate slowly melt in their mouth.

5.      Let them describe the taste, and the way the chocolate felt as it melted.

Remember, 1 ounce of dark chocolate is the limit when it comes to health benefits. It's surprising, but that's more then enough when eaten S L O W L Y  for pleasure.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day...

Sheila Cartelli