The Blood Sugar Solution - Motivation for Ending Childhood Obesity!


Even though I have been on vacation, I still found myself reading books on topics related to Family Health. The Blood Sugar Solution, by Mark Hyman, MD has had all my attention for the last several weeks.

In his book, Dr Hyman exposes the dangers of obesity, or Diabesity, as he calls it, explaining that America's growing waistline and increasing BMI is leading to a generation that will see life expectancy decline for the first time in our history. The generation he is referring to is our children's! That is why Childhood Obesity is such a critical issue. It is not about our children's appearance, or future popularity. It is about them living a long life, in vibrant, good health.

Dr. Hyman's book can be adapted for children, but is aimed at adults. Obviously we have to get our own act together, if we are going to help our children. I can't emphasize enough how comprehensive a program he has created. I decided to commit to it and found the diet part pretty do-able, even on vacation, where going out to eat was a major source of entertainment. However, I know it wouldn’t have been quite so easy, if I hadn't been following my own advice re cutting back on sugar and avoiding HFCS these past 6 months.

So once again, to help your kids deal with Childhood Obesity, or better yet, to avoid it entirely, start cutting back on sugar. Eliminate HFCS and add in healthy snacks to replace junk food. In addition get everyone outside. Start a garden. Fly kites. Get yourself and the kids moving... Make it fun and keep it positive... Spring is the perfect time to begin a Family Health Upgrade...  And for some real eye opening motivation read the Blood Sugar Solution, by Mark Hyman MD.

Sheila Cartelli