What in The World is "The What the Hell Effect”? 🤔

I came across an interesting article in Scientific American recently.

It talked about why, dieting often has a negative effect resulting in many women gaining even more weight then they lost.

Apparently, It’s because of something the researchers called the “what the hell effect.”

It seems, most women who want to turn their health around make the mistake of trying to do too much all at once:

No more candy. No more carbs. Join a CrossFit class 6 times a week…and absolutely forget about that glass of wine you enjoy now and then.

But just a few weeks in, they’re exhausted from restricting and forcing themselves to do things they don’t enjoy…

That’s when the “what the hell effect” kicks in and they end up binging on everything they’ve been avoiding.

But Why?

Because moderation isn't exciting or sexy. We go overboard instead of finding a middle ground. A cookie or two won’t sabotage all the progress you make.

And all the kale in the world won’t balance out the negative effects of constant stress and insomnia, either.

You have to find a balance in what you do to stick to healthy habits that result in Weight Loss that Stays Lost.

Talk soon,

Sheila C

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